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Produced 1999

All lyrics copyright (C) 1999 by Bill Weaks

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L.O.V.E. stands for Love Overcomes Violence Eternally. All net proceeds from this album go towards preventing violence and changing our culture of death into one of life and hope.

If you have a song that you would like to donate to this cause for inclusion on the album, please contact us.

Another One Down

Maria was sittin' in her livin' room -
Just chillin'
Raymond was enjoying a summer night
With his wife

But a bullet flyin' through the air
Don't care who it's killin'
And the angel of death with a .38
Reaches out and takes another life.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Another one down....
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Another piece of the puzzle
Goes in the ground

Now he's never goin' to be a doctor
And she will never wear her prom queen's crown
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Another one down....

We have to stop teaching our children
That they are expendable
Like dyin' in a pool of blood
Is "Just one of those things"

If we haven't learned yet
That politicians aren't dependable
I wonder if we'll ever learn
We need to get on our knees and serve another King

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Another one down....
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Another piece of the puzzle
Goes in the ground

Now he's never goin' to be a father
And she will never wear her wedding gown
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Another one down....


Oh, they carried his body
And they laid him out

And his mama cried
And his daddy cried
And his friends all cried

But they couldn’t bring him back

And the cops were there
And the cameras were there

And they shook their heads
And they clucked their tongues
And it was so damned sad

But they couldn’t bring him back.

He said the wrong words to the wrong man
He said some strong words to a strong man

And the man didn’t care
That he was someone’s son
And he was just showing off
And he was so, so young

And so he snuffed him out
And we cannot bring him back


Oh my God,
Why'd You let him take my son?
He was just a boy
You know his life had just begun

Now he's lying there
He's gone forever


It's an emotional event but it makes perfect sense
It's like getting another shot at innocence
It's coming from a place where they have so many ways to harm ya
It's ending up safe and sound in your Daddy's arms, yeah


It's unconditional forgiveness for the things you've done
It's standing up to fight and findin' the battle's won
It's finally finding something that is truly true
It's finally figuring out that God died for you


Salvation's free
But it ain't cheap
So, don't bow the knee
Don't make the leap

If you're not prepared
To pay the price
The Bible says,
"A living sacrifice"
"A living sacrifice"


It's turning off once and for all from the road you're on
It's discovering that all of the street signs yeah are pointin' home
It's changing your attitude from asking "What's in it for me?"
It's getting your mind right for eternity


Have You Had Enough Death Yet?

We've got a maniac loose
He couldn't be more insane
You know he fancies himself Dr. Death

If you were lookin' for proof
Our culture's gone down the drain
Tune in tonight and watch him kill a man on CBS


Have you had enough death yet?
Have you had enough death?
Our whole society's a death threat
Have you had enough death?


We hear the singers teach the children
That it's kill or be killed
It seems there's nothing we won't do for a buck

But when the taking of a life
Becomes the price of a thrill
They say "It ain't our fault,
Ya know that fool just ran out of luck"



What's the sound of a nation that's dyin'?
It sounds a lot like Jerry Springer
And Sally Jessie Raphael

You know they don't want you flyin'
They want you down in the muck
Till you can't smell that smell
Have you had enough death?

Well, the measure of society's
Protection of it's innocent:
A moral one will keep them from harm

With the way that things are going,
We won't need Social Security:
It's easy - stick a needle into Grandma's arm


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Saturday, November 27, 1999