Our first CD's are now in production. Click here to go to our music site.

We also have the lyrics that you can browse through, though lyrics without music leave something to be desired!

Bill also ministers live, with a mix of praise and worship and ministry oriented songs.   Many of the songs illuminate specific aspects of Christian life, from holiness to despair and ministry to the unsaved.

Because we retain control of the copyrights and distribution of our music, we can offer you some possibilities that others can't.  For instance, we can allow you to not only record but sell copies of specific ministry events.  This gives you the potential to add to your budget through the sales of these tapes.

To do this, your sound equipment must be capable of producing high quality reproductions of the music and ministry portions of the specific event, and the two may not be separated.  This is not meant to replace CD's and regular tapes, but to allow you to easily distribute our messages without extensive editing and copyright issues.   Please contact us for specifics.