If you find that any of these are inactive, please let us know.

Creation/Evolution Reference Database (CERD)
Leadership U - Tremendous resources for the Christian seeking a total Christian worldview
The Revolution against Evolution!  Lots of good info
A great prophetic Web site from New Zealand - Recommended!
mall Groups Resources - An important part of ministry
The Cutting Edge on the WWCW - BUZZSAW Christianity!
Christian Graphics - T shirts, caps, etc. Wonderfully original - inspired, one might say!
Near Whittier, CA? Try this!
Buggs BBS - neat jumping off place OMNILIST! Awesome collection of links
JOY Ministries - Seasonal teachings and more
The "Tough guys" - Changed lives through Jesus Christ
Acts 17:11 Topical Bible Studies Calvary Chapel Central Phoenix or their Pastor, John Brown
Quentin Schultze - A wonderful newsletter - thoughtful and well done!
Annette Thompson's bookmarks - lots of great links!
In Christ - Kelly Matthews - Good stuff!
Carl Kalbfleisch
Christian music magazine (free on www)
Christian music links
Randall P. Williams --Life Does Imitate Art, both are the Master's creation...
(Lambert Dolphin) Creeds - great links!
Heavin's Haven - lot's o links!
The GOD page - By a young man with an uncalloused heart!
ChristianLife Menu Page
GraceLife(tm) InternetBible Studies
the "Cerfer"

Pro-Life pages:

Lubbock Right to Life
Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League
Greater Austin Right to Life
DC Metro Right to Life