Reconciliation of the husband to the wife.

The concept of cleaving has largely been lost in the last few generations.   Husbands and wives often live separate lives, joined only at dinner and in bed.   God's plan is for the husband and wife to cleave - to be joined so closely that they are an inseparable unit, working out His will in the family.

The husband ought to love his wife as Christ loves the Church - His own bride.  If he does not, his prayers will be hindered.  Then (and only then) will - or should - his wife submit to his authority.

The wife is not in any way inferior to the husband.  Though a "weaker vessel", she is a fount of wisdom and grace which the husband needs to be a complete man.

Terri and Bill minister as a team to husbands and wives.  The tale of our marriage as healed and resurrected in Christ is one of hope and hard work.