Our ministry encompasses teaching, preaching and music.  God has given us two major focal points of Kingdom work:  Reconciliation and the end of the culture of death in America as seen in the ever increasing amount of violence which is manifesting itself today. 


This first area of ministry is being administered through First Generation Ministries, and currently has four separate areas where He is leading us. Click on each to get a fuller description of our ministry in this area.

By checking out the above, and then the Tidbits and Essays sections of this site, you can get a feel for something which is likely to be addressed should you invite FGM to your place.

Ministering to the culture of death

The second area has been illuminated over the last several years, culminating in a separate organization - L.O.V.E. (Love Overcomes Violence Eternally).  This organization is in the formative stages, but will ultimately be a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to putting an end to the culture of death in the US, and even beyond our borders.