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What's a "First Generation" Christian?  This is a person whose parents were not Christians, or who grew up in a "Christian" home, but one in which Christ was not Lord.  Either way, there is a lot to learn (or re-learn) about a true walk with Christ - how to be transformed in to His image, how to put His desires for your life above your own, how to act with mercy and grace to those who offend you - the list is nearly endless!

We will also converse (when asked) with atheists.  Atheism is fundamentally irrational, regardless of protestations to the contrary.  This is easily proven, but rarely accepted.  Click here for more on this subject.

Our first music CD's are now in production. Click here to hear them.

Quote of the moment:

Jesus has left the building. The churches of today minister only to those who happen to stumble inside the buildings. This is only half of the function of the "church", and it is the lesser half. Our function is to be salt and light to the world. We cannot do that by sequestering ourselves on Sunday and never pushing the Gospel outside the four walls. The powerless Christianity we see today is the result of this timid and selfish mentality. The results are a nation and world rife with corruption because the only purifying influence God provided - the church - will not venture forth to do what He explicitly commanded us to do.

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