Ever since I was a small child I have read voraciously - I'll read a cereal box if there's nothing else around.   I also tend to retain much of the information that pours into my head from this reading.  So, I am prone to meditate on the information.  Once it has churned around, it often comes out as an essay.   Please browse around here and, if something catches your eye, please let me know!

New - Columbine - Two Children They Convinced

New - Practically Nonsense - a review of Peter Singer's book, Practical Ethics.

The 6th of July
When is Life Meaningless?
Evolution and morality - the ultimate oxymoron.
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Witnessing to atheists
A Quiz on evil - you might be surprised at the results!
Ray Bradbury - A Prophet from God?
The Myth of Overpopulation
Madison Avenue