Reconciliation of the church to the world.

The church in America has, by and large, built churches and then gone inside them to await the world.  This is not the model of Christ, who taught in the churches, but was then most often found outside the synagogue in the midst of sinners, befriending prostitutes, publicans and other outcasts.  He was called a drunkard because He drank wine with them.  He was found "in the marketplace".

"You may be the only Jesus they see today..."

Have you heard that before?   While often true in a sense, this is not the model of Christ, who teaches in Matthew 25 that He is to be found in the poor and imprisoned; in the sick and unlovely - they may be the only Jesus you see today!

Mission work begins at home...

The modern church, by and large, sends missionaries to other cities and countries, but neglects those in their own neighborhoods and cities.  This leaves our children (and the adults) with the impression that "nobody needs Christ in our town.", and leaves local missionary work to people from other cities, who come in for a week or so and then leave to go back to their "needless" home towns.  No burdensome relationships are required when the object of our evangelism has no mailing address nor phone and lives 1,000 miles away.

True missionaries live among the unsaved, and we need not travel very far to find those in need of the hope of Christ.